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Farmacia2Online, Pharmacy Madrid
Address: C. de Fernández de los Ríos, 20, 28015 Madrid, Spain | Phone: +34 914 47 65 80 | Website:

Mary especially, but all of the pharmacists and techs are competent and eager to help. They work with me easily. I appreciate their courtesy and friendliness. This is the only pharmacy for me. Thank you, Mary, and thanks to all whose names I have neglected to remember.

This will be my last time shopping or having medications sent to this Farmacia2Online, Pharmacy Madrid. The young lady on the drive-thru today was very unprofessional. First, I sat there for about a good ten minutes and was never acknowledged or greeted while she walked back and forth past the window. I sat a few more minutes and rang the bell. Another person picked up and said he’d be with me in a moment. She finally comes to the window, picks up the phone, and says I SEEN YOU! I just stared like, okay, that’s how a patient gets greeted nowadays. Once she left the window again and came back, she said everything you need in the bag. It doesn’t cost a thing to be nice, especially in customer service!

Pharmacy Online | My Pharmacy Madrid
Address: C/ de Francisco Silvela, 96, 28002 Madrid, Spain | Phone: +34 915 61 64 15 | Website:

Best pharmacy I’ve ever encountered. Every single staff member was warm, welcoming, and pleasant. They took the time to help me and weren’t just rushing me off like most pharmacies. They are quick to respond to phone calls and assist with needs in store. Absolute top-notch!

Sanjay is very professional and helpful. He always calls back in a timely manner, not to mention the degree of personalized service I receive that cannot be matched by any other pharmacy. Pharmacy Online | My Pharmacy Madrid is my go-to place. Thank you, Sanjay, for the amazing service.

Trebol Pharmacy
Address: C. Eloy Gonzalo, 31, 28010 Madrid, Spain | Phone: +34 914 48 99 32 | Website:

I was extremely nervous about getting my second covid vaccine shot, but Derek, the pharmacy manager, not only somehow managed to make the shot feel like nothing but answered all my questions about possible side effects and what the body is doing in response to the vaccine.

Clueless, lazy, unhelpful staff. Went in obviously having a severe allergy attack, looking for an over-the-counter inhaler, audibly wheezing, and not in good shape. Their worker was kind but slow and indifferent to any kind of rush. The pharmacist declined to come out from behind the counter and instead summoned a clueless woman who “could’ve sworn she just saw them” – she never found where they were even supposed to be, saying “they just moved everything around.”I went across the street to CVS, where the pharmacist immediately came out from behind the counter to show me where what I needed was. Never going back to this Trebol Pharmacy – they may be open 24 hours but won’t be able to help you.

Farmacia Sol
Address: Prta del Sol, 14, 28013 Madrid, Spain | Phone: +34 915 31 25 14 | Website:

A small town with a huge heart. Farmacia Sol is a wonderful and friendly place to get your Rx and to Shop. The pharmacist and staff are always willing to help with any questions and Rx you may have. Thank You, Guardian Store, for serving Memphis with your huge heart.

This place is a disaster. It closes sooner than regular hours. The pharmacy is the worst department. It has been over two weeks that they have got Stromectol prescription, and they didn’t send me notice while I had an account with them. Finally, after five days of calling back and forward, they admitted that they had my prescription. I went there in regular hours and asked them for my medicine. They told me they were closing sooner, and they didn’t give me my medicine. Since then, I have gone there a few times before noon; the store is open, but their pharmacy is closed and never opened up. Each time they say tomorrow, the pharmacy will be open. Never never never trust them, especially with your prescriptions.